Has The "New Normal" Taken Its Toll On You?

Craving healthier work-life rhythm?
Wondering if you should Stay Put Or Pivot?
The PIVOT Incubator Is The Ultimate Program For Navigating Change
Your One-Stop Resource with the best tools, processes and practices
to help you get clear about what's next.
The PIVOT Incubator IS FOR YOU
if you want to ... 
  • ​Gain clarity about what's next ...
  • Master overwhelm in your finances, relationships and health
  • ​Confidently move into action to change your job, career or business
  • ​​​Manage the stress of putting everyone   else first
  • ​Embrace and conquer uncertainty head on
Now's The Time To Start Your Journey
We don’t know how long these uncertain times are going to last, and despite the challenges, there is actually tremendous opportunity. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that now is the time to START!

Which means right now you’re probably asking yourself one of these questions:
  • Is it even smart to pivot at a time like this?
  • How do I even figure out what is next for me?
  • How am I going to juggle everything that I'm doing?
The reality is, things have changed and it isn’t business or life as usual. You might even be completely freaking out right now wondering how you're going to move forward.

Change is generally scary.  And, in times like THIS it can be completely terrifying.

Challenging times like these can be absolutely devastating… and for most of us, pausing simply ISN’T an option. 

So I want you to consider what it looks like to PIVOT. 👀

While it's going to look different to every single one of us, let me assure you,  you WILL benefit from taking control of the situations around you NOW.

And guess what, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. More than 80% of people have been materially impacted by this current crisis.  And more than 59% report a serious negative impact on their day-to-day. 😲

You might be telling yourself “I don't know what to do” or feel like hiding and sitting with your head in your hands, but let me offer you a reframe that could *completely* change the game for you: 

  • What IF you knew the steps to get clear on what you truly want to be doing?
  • ​What IF you could become more resilient than you ever imagined you could be?
  • ​What IF you used this time to expand your impact larger and wider than you ever thought possible?
  • ​What IF you got ahead of everyone else and actually took action, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to blow over?
  • ​What IF you used your expertise and knowledge to touch lives all over the world now more than ever before, when they actually need it most? 
Even during turbulent times, there’s ALWAYS a creative opportunity. Now is actually the best time to not just survive, but actually THRIVE. 🎉

You CAN handle change, you just need a process and new approach to navigate it....🧭
Hi, I'm Adam Markel, a Business Mentor, # 1 WSJ Best-selling Author, and Reinvention Expert. For more than a decade, our team has worked with individuals and companies all over the world to increase their performance, build their resilience and create a life they love.

It is our passion to help people become Change-Proof which we define as the ability to leverage uncertainty to create long-term success. This has been my strategic advantage and we're excited to bring the best of it to the table to help you make the best decisions for yourself, your family and your business right now.

Now is not the time to pause everything and go into panic mode, it's just time to take a breath, reset, change direction, and keep moving full steam ahead. 
Are you ready to join us?
I know, because I’ve been there. By my late thirties, I could definitely feel that something was wrong.
I was living a successful life by most standards. I’d been married for seventeen years to the love of my life. We had four beautiful children. I’d built a successful law practice and was enjoying all the perks that came with it. Sure, I was working seventy to eighty hours a week in my law firm, occasionally even sleeping in the office, but I was making bags of money and life was good.
But something was wrong...
I would wake up in the morning with a sense of dread about the day. I started losing my hair, and my body began to change in ways that I didn’t like. Once a fit, healthy athlete, I was losing energy and vitality almost by the day.
Worse, though, was the increasing sense that something was missing. Even though I was earning great money, I was unhappy with the daily grind. I was always working. And every day it seemed as though my soul was shriveling. Some part of me, some spark, some purpose, was dying on the vine.
I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I began to believe, for the first time, that my life was not my own.
I started to wonder: Is this all there is?
I wasn’t nursing the hurt of missing out on a dream of being a rock star or an athlete or an animal trainer or a missionary. I didn’t know what I wanted or what I was missing. I just knew I was missing something. 
Despite the obvious cracks in my life and the ever-present voice telling me to admit to having problems, I did what most people do: I ignored them. I hushed the voice, I put my head down, and I kept going. After all, there were bills to pay and clients to see.
I needed a wake-up call, and, naturally, I got one...
My call came on a clear October day in New Jersey. I was driving with my wife, Randi, when a feeling overcame me: I need to stop this car.
I pulled over and asked my wife to drive.
We switched seats. “Do you need to make a call?” she asked. “Just make a left up here, honey. I’ll tell you what’s going on.” What was going on was that I was having pain in my chest.
Randi’s face paled, but she followed my directions until we arrived at the medical center not far from our home in Freehold, New Jersey.
We pulled up to the emergency entrance, and the next thing I remember is sitting in a wheelchair with wires running to my chest. My hands tingled. I was in a cold sweat as I struggled to fight off the waves of dizziness that left me veering between the edges of vomiting and passing out.
All I could think was: I’m going to die today. I’m never going to see the kids again.
My mind, like my heart, was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking that I had never become the person I expected to be. I wasn’t the father or husband I had planned and promised myself I would be. I was a slave to my eighty-hour-a-week job, and this—this—was how it would all end.
I cursed under my breath and thought, I’m not even forty, for crying out loud.
And now I was going to die.
The only thing more palpable than my fear was my deep sense of remorse. I had screwed it up. 
In what seemed like the blink of an eye, I’d gone from being an idealistic teenager and dream-filled twentysomething to a cynical middle-aged lawyer.
I’d gone from the prime of life to being a small, scared, shivering man in a hospital gown, wondering, What happened?
Later, when a man in surgical garb appeared at my bedside, I was so filled with regret that I could barely speak. I simply waited for him to deliver my sentence.
“Mr. Markel,” he said, “you’re not going to die.”
I almost cried. The words sent a wave of relief through me so deep that it’s difficult to describe.
I realized that the doctor was still talking.
“I asked how many cups of coffee you’ve had today.”
“I’m a lawyer,” I replied, “and I’ve only had five or six cups so far today.”
The doctor held back his laughter. “You were lucky—this time.
You’re experiencing an anxiety attack brought on by too much caffeine and too much stress.”
Both my wife and I began to cry.
His tone turned more serious. “You need to lay off the coffee,” he said, “and you need to take a look at where your life is headed. You might not be as fortunate next time.”
I left the hospital that day holding my wife’s hand. As we walked outside, I looked up to the sky, and without thinking I simply said, “Thank you. Thank you, God.”
Up to that point in my life, I had been anything but religious. I was open to the idea of spirituality, but I’d never spoken a word to God that I could recall. But in that moment I felt I’d been given a reprieve, a second chance to make real my dreams of creating a meaningful life. I felt such overwhelming gratitude that I had to thank someone.
As we drove away, I made a vow: I would not go back to living the same way. I would not lie down again on the job of living a life that meant something. 
At that moment I had no idea what to do. But I knew I had to do something.
That “something” was to reinvent my life.
And that’s what I did. Now, less than a decade later, I’m a Bestselling Author, International Speaker and a transformational trainer. And although my hair never did grow back, we left our old life and routines in New Jersey and moved to a beautiful community in California. I still appreciate my roots in the East Coast, but here there’s no snow and I can surf instead of shovel.
What matters, though, is that the voice is quiet. Rather than tolerate my old life any longer, I chose to reinvent it.
I chose to pivot.
A Roadmap To Help You Create Your "Next Normal"
Will you define your own new normal or will you leave it to chance?

If you’re sick and tired of letting life happen to you… use this roadmap to create your own “new normal” and take back your life, for good this time. 💪

We know that creating a plan leads to long-term success. And this is where your journey begins. The PIVOT Incubator is the roadmap you need to make a conscious PIVOT into long-term, sustainable success, happiness, and of course - more love! ❤️

So what are you waiting for?
You can choose right now to begin creating fulfillment ✅ + peace ✅ + profit ✅. 

Did you know?
We’ve been helping clients pivot with peace of mind for a long time. We want you to know that:  You ARE unique. You ARE gifted. You ARE capable. 💥

And it’s our goal to help you pivot purposefully, confidently and with ease.
That's Why We Created The PIVOT Incubator
What's Included In The PIVOT Incubator
 15 Video Training Modules Delivered Completely Online  Adam walks you step-by-step through the PIVOT Principles and leads you in powerful processes, strategies and practices that you'll  apply right away in your business and life. Everything is done online, so there's no travel required and you can learn at a pace that works for you! ($997 Value)
 Worksheets, Templates & Exercises to accompany each training module in the program. These follow-along resources are specifically designed to help keep you on track. These downloadable tools will help you stay accountable, focused and taking action. ($197 Value)
 Lifetime Access To The Training — You can access your training materials at anytime, from anywhere, at your own leisure.  You can continue to come back and reconnect with the material, the PIVOT Team and Adam for ongoing support. ($997 Value)
 Access to the Private PIVOT Incubator Community  where you’ll get exclusive weekly business and lifestyle trainings from Adam, have accountability from other members of the Incubator and have daily support on reaching your specific goals for the program and beyond. ($397 Value)
 The 21-Day PIVOT Action Video Series & Workbook — This resource is specifically designed to help you create new rituals, habits and daily actions to thrive in the PIVOT Process. Adam personally guides you through 21 days of focused actions and intentions so you can start improving your performance, building your confidence and creating consistency in your results. ($297 Value)
You're fully supported with our proven PIVOT Process, all you need to do is just jump in ....
What Others Have to Say About the PIVOT process
"The PIVOT incubator is an ABSOLUTE MUST to help crack your shell of fear, anxiety, limited vision or whatever's holding you back from fulfilling your passions. Adam Markel is a world class, heart centric, teacher whose real world expertise will help find the shortcuts you need to expedite your success..." -Tom LeBlanc
"We honed in on what it is I'm meant to be doing and how I'm meant to be doing that... and I now have a new sense of direction for my business and personal life. The return on my investment has already come back 10 FOLD!" -Trina Watton
“Wow! Working with Adam as a facilitator and a teacher — master feels like an understatement. He brings so much compassion to everything he does. There’s this full integrity and love that surrounds every word that comes out of his mouth. It’s so supportive! It’s just beautiful. I’ve never been in another teaching experience that has been so profound!” -Sonya Nagy
"I've tripled the revenue in my business while working with Adam!" -Vivian Nesbitt
"PIVOT Incubator has made a huge difference in my personal and business life." -John Dillon
"It has allowed me to step outside of the box I was playing in and STOP playing small and show up in the world on a larger level..." -Raquel Walters
And that's why we created the PIVOT Incubator. To Help YOU...
  •  Create massive clarity — When you find clarity, you'll have increased confidence, decreased fear, higher energy levels and you'll be happier to live in a better mood. 
  •  Receive mentorship and support — Pivoting is a team sport, so you'll need a mentor and a community around you to help increase your chances of successfully pivoting!
  •  Get out of your comfort zone — We think of the comfort zone as the "known zone" and this is where all old information is. To create NEW results, you must get into the unknown and start exploring some new territory in your life.
  •  Increase your performance, resilience and agility — To accomplish any major goal - both in business and life - you must practice and master the art of being resilient, agile and equipped to reinvent quickly.

  •  Create a framework for producing additional revenue to support your pivot journey. 
  •  Build your resilience and agility so you can quickly move through obstacles and challenges that may arise in the process.
  •  Create clear next steps so you can confidently move forward in your business and life with greater levels of focus and energy.
  •  Design your path forward and guide you step-by-step through unique and highly powerful processes, so you can create new results and opportunities for yourself. 
The PIVOT Incubator At-A-Glance
Module 1 — Introduction To The course
In this module, you’ll be introduced to the Pivot Process and its 3 phases: Clarity, Momentum and Purposeful Planning

You’ll be taken through an overview of the different modules, learn about the context and expectations, and discover the other elements of the program that are designed to facilitate your ultimate success!
Module 2 — Clarity: Unbelieving
In this module, you’ll get clear understanding on what limiting beliefs may be preventing you from moving forward. 

You’ll learn strategies to overcome these barriers and discover what beliefs will make help you create even greater success and become unstoppable.
Module 3 — Clarity: Letting Go
In this module, you’ll learn about attachments, both past and future, and how they often prevent us from creating a clear vision and moving forward. 

You’ll explore these attachments and practice letting go, which will unlock greater levels of freedom in all areas.
Module 4 — Clarity: facing Fear
In this module, you’ll delve into the root of every non-pivot: fear. You’ll learn about the science of fear, what’s usually at the center of fear and how to identify your own fear stories. 
Module 5 — Clarity: Identity & Purpose
In this module, you’ll explore the concepts of identity and purposeYou’ll gain a different perspective on the traditional “success formula” and discover powerful new ways to get clear on your purpose and direction, both in business and life.
Module 6 — Clarity: Envision
In this module, we’ll dive into your BIG VISION. You’ll learn how to uncover and embrace your vision, so you can powerfully express it.
Module 7 — clarity: Big D Decide
In this module, we’re transitioning from clarity into momentum

You’ll discover the power of commitment and examine the importance of taking action. You’ll also formulate your “5 bold steps” to progress into the next phase of the PIVOT process. 
Module 8 — Momentum: Baby Steps
In this module, you’ll review the science of momentum and learn how small changes create massive transformation over time. 

You’ll learn how to integrate “out of the box acting” to facilitate forward moving progress, as well as strategies for taking action in a way that reduces risk, overwhelm, and helps you sustain momentum. 
Module 9 — Momentum: Rituals
In this module, you’ll learn about the power of rituals! We’ll be diving into how neuroplasticity works and the characteristics of success rituals. 

You’ll discover how to incorporate these “master habits” in your life to consciously create new and more effective results. 
Module 10 — Momentum: Pivot People
In this module, you’ll explore one of most critical elements to sustaining your momentum as you PIVOT: your stakeholders. 

You’ll learn about the 3 types of PIVOT people, as well as strategies for successfully integrating them into your Pivot. 
Module 11 — Momentum: Resilience
In this module, you’ll discover the importance of resilience! You’ll also learn the 3 keys to resilience and how to create your own recipe to successfully tackle any obstacle. 

This is an important part of your PIVOT, as the more resilient you are, the more likely you are to succeed!
Module 12 — Momentum: Growth
In this module, we’re diving into growth and why it’s an essential element in your PIVOT process. 

You’ll learn about the acceleration effect and create a personal growth plan, which will support your PIVOT Plan.
Module 13 — Purposeful Planning
In this module, you’ll bring together all the elements, structures and processes of a successful PIVOT. You’ll learn about effective goal-setting, evaluating tasks using an “ideation / execution” framework and how to prioritize to create amazing results.  You’ll also create a short-term and long-term plan to refine your vision and goals.
Module 14 — 21 Day Video Series & Journal
In this module, you’ll be introduced to a powerful 21 day action plan. The 21-day Video Series will help you re-center and get back to basics. Often the transition from a learning environment to the actual implementation and integration of a course can be challenging. 
Module 15 — Funding Your Pivot
In this module, you’ll learn the “two bridge” framework for managing your transition. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your business or an individual looking to invest in your own growth, you’ll be introduced to a planning strategy for creating additional income streams to set you up for sustainable success. 
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If You've made it here, you owe it to yourself to explore this further!
Change is a constant — both in our businesses and in our lives. When you think about it, CHANGE is such a beautiful thing… 

Yet so many of us are scared, fearful and anxious that we won’t have the capacity, resilience, wisdom, or strength to deal with “change” when it comes knocking. 

The truth is change is one thing we can always count on and no one gets to bypass or skip over it. In fact, it’s the cosmic law of manifestation - nothing stays the same for long (and thank goodness for that!)

Many of us are trading time for dollars, losing touch with our dreams, watching our passions dwindle, and all the while knowing there’s something more. 

You know inside that you want more... A better life. Better finances. Better health. A better career. Better relationships. 

And that's why we created The Pivot Incubator — to help you breakthrough mediocrity, the status quo, an "okay" life and move forward towards LOVING your life, feeling fulfilled and activating your unique gifts in the world. 

There's a special reason that you landed on this page & we are here for YOU to help you bring your beautiful vision to life. Click below, enroll in the Incubator and let's get started. 

From The Pages of PIVOT

Proof That Having a Process Works...

Dr. Venus Opal Reese, who was homeless and eating out of trash cans at the age of sixteen. Now an entrepreneur and speaker, she holds four degrees, has been featured on ABC, CBS, PBS, and many other media outlets, and has consulted for O: The Oprah Magazine.
Joe Gebbia, who, along with his roommate, Brian Chesky, built the billion-dollar company Airbnb from three air mattresses on the floor of their apartment. 
Barbara Niven, who was a single mother in Portland, Oregon, and became a Hollywood actress. 
Lisa Lent, who transformed herself from flight attendant to million-dollar CEO.
Dennis Kolb, who was diagnosed with leukemia and faced survival odds of 0.01 percent. He’s now the CEO of a foundation helping those facing life-threatening diagnoses.
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